Amylo 300 (Beta) Enzyme 10 ml


Brut IPA is taking the brewing world by storm. This enzyme is used to take malt and adjunct IPA to near-complete dryness.


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Used in the creation of the beer style, Brut IPA.

Amylo 300 is a food grade fungal amyloglucosidases used to convert non-fermentable
sugars into fermentable sugars and widely applied in breweries and wineries.
This exoenzyme produces glucose units from starch, dextrins and maltose. It acts by
sequentially hydrolyzing both α-1,4 and α-1,6 glycosidic bonds in these starch polymers
and maltose, releasing glucose. Amylo 300 digest starch, releasing one glucose molecule at
a time. They proceed from the non-reducing end of a dextrin or starch molecule until they
reach a 1-6 branch point from which they cannot proceed any further. The gelatinization
and liquefaction by alpha amylase of starch molecules plays directly into the efficiency of
Amylo 300 enzyme’s performance.
Amylo 300 is majorly used in brewing to increase wort sugar levels and thus wort
fermentability, resulting in improved alcohol yields and “low carb” beer. Most brewers use
Amylo to overcome malt varietal differences/ levels of modification and high level of
adjunct (rice, corn, wheat) usage.


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